Dr. Oetker Käse-Sahne-Creme Dessert 63g / 2.22oz

Dr. Oetker

Dr. Oetker Cream Cheese Dessert 63g / 2.22oz

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Dr. Oetker Cream Cheese Dessert 63g / 2.22oz NET. WT.

Creamy dessert in the style of the popular cheese cream cake. If you love the classic cake, then the cream cheese and cream is just the right dessert for you. The cream has the typical, delicious taste of a cheese cream cake. At the same time, the Dr. Oetker cheese cream cream impresses with a wonderfully creamy consistency. A cake for dessert: enjoy the cheese cream with your friends as a dessert. But the cream can also convince as a small sweet temptation for in between, because it is very simple and easy to prepare. To make it, whip the dessert powder of the cheese cream with cold milk and quark. Then chill the cream briefly. This is how quickly you can create a delicious dessert. You can serve the cream cheese and cream pure or add fruits to it. The dessert tastes especially good with tangerines, for example. But Dr. Oetker cream cheese and cream can also be easily used for baking creations. On tartlets, the cream forms an enjoyable combination with various fruits.

And it's as simple as this:
1. Place 250 g of cream cheese (in the USA, sour cream) and 150 ml of cold milk in a mixing bowl. Mix briefly with a mixer (stirring sticks) on the lowest speed. 2. add cream powder and stir in briefly on lowest speed. Then whip on highest speed for 2 min. Pour the cream into dessert glasses or a bowl and refrigerate for at least 1 hour.

Dr. August Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG, Lutterstraße 14, D-33617 Bielefeld

Sugar, modified starch, glucose syrup, 3.1% SAHNEPULVER, MILK WHITE, emulsifier E 472b, acidifier (citric acid), flavors, colorant (carotene).

Nutritional values per 100g prepared:

Energy 482kJ
Fat 2,1g
thereof saturated fatty acids 1,7g
Carbohydrates 15g
thereof sugar 13g
Protein 8,5g
Salt 0,13g

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