Maggi Fix für Gemüsepfanne mit Hähnchen 40g / 1.41oz


Maggi Fix for vegetable pan with chicken 40g / 1.41oz

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Maggi Fix for vegetable pan with chicken 40g / 1.41oz NET. WT.

Juicy lean chicken breast with lots of fresh, crunchy vegetables ? Doesn't that sound incredibly delicious? MAGGI Fix für Gemüse-Pfanne mit Hähnchen makes your dream dish with a spicy, finely seasoned sauce in no time at all. A creamy and spicy chicken pan with broccoli and fresh leeks ? Simply irresistible!

For this is needed:
For this you will need: 300g chicken breast, 1 carrot, 1 leek, 100g frozen broccoli florets , 100ml cream with 15% fat
- Makes three servings of delicious vegetable pan with chicken
- Creamy and spicy chicken pan with broccoli, fresh leeks and carrots
Makes 3 servings

It's so easy:
Dice chicken breast. Chop peeled carrot, broccoli and leek. Fry chicken breast in hot oil, add vegetables for about 3 minutes. Add 250ml water and 100ml cream, stir in bag contents and bring to a boil. Cover and cook on low heat for about 5 minutes until vegetables are cooked. Stir occasionally.

Enjoy your meal!

Maggi GmbH, Lyoner Str. 23, D-60528 Frankfurt, Germany.

Potato starch*, sunflower oil*, WHEAT flour*, iodized salt (salt, potassium iodate), spices* (onion, garlic, paprika, bell pepper, turmeric), MOLKENERZEUGNIS , MILK SUGAR*, 3% herbs* (2.5% parsley, chives), seasoning* (from WHEAT), salt*, SELLERY*, MILK WHITE*, white wine extract*, vinegar extract*, natural flavor*. May contain eggs, mustard and soy. *Natural Ingredients.

Nutritional values:

Energy (KJ) per 100 g/ml. 386 KJ
Energy (kcal) per 100 g/ml 91 kcal
Fat per 100 g/ml 3.6 g
Fat, of which saturated fatty acids per 100 g/ml 1.2 g
Carbohydrates per 100 g/ml 4.4 g
Carbohydrates, of which sugar per 100 g/ml 2.1 g
Dietary fiber per 100g/ml 1.2 g
Protein per 100 g/ml 9.8 g
Salt per 100 g/ml 0.76 g


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