Endlich wieder da! Die lange zurückgewünschte Ritter Sport Smarties

Finally back! The long-awaited Ritter Sport Smarties

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It's finally back: The Ritter Sport 100 gram Limited Edition with Smarties! There are many, many colorful Smarties in this delicious, square chocolate, which is now delighting numerous chocolate fans again. The wait is now over and this much sought-after and much-requested Ritter Sport Smarties is back and available here now, but only while stocks last.

This reissue is making a big comeback! Two popular brands come together and once again create an incredibly delicious chocolate bar. Cheerful, colorful chocolate beans meet melt-in-the-mouth chocolate Knight sports and in two variants: In milk and white chocolate.

Of course, the colorful packaging design is also impressive and really makes you want to buy it Limited edition. Good to know: Smarties contain chocolate beans only natural flavors and no preservatives. That makes snacking even more fun!

You have to be quick, because both varieties are limited editions and only available for a short time!

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