Knorr Feinschmecker Kräuter Sauce


Knorr gourmet herb sauce

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Knorr Feinschmecker Herb Sauce yields 250ml / 8.45 fl.oz.

The aromatic herb sauce is versatile and refines both meat and fish dishes and goes perfectly with vegetables. KNORR Feinschmecker sauces offer the right sauce idea for every taste.

  • bound with classic roux
  • seasoned with sea salt
  • without flavor enhancing additives
  • naturally without colorants
  • quick and easy preparation
  • content makes 250 ml

1) Stir the contents of the sachet into 250 ml cold water with a whisk. Bring to the boil while stirring. 2) Cook on low heat for 1 minute. Stir from time to time.

Knorr, Unilever Germany, P.O. Box 570 237, 22771 Hamburg, Germany.

SAHNEPULVER, WHEAT FLOUR, starch, palm oil, 5.1% onions², iodized table salt, 3% herbs (parsley², chives, dill², thyme²), flavors, yeast extract, leek powder², maltodextrin, garlic², pepper, turmeric, lemon juice powder², sugar, table salt, white wine extract. ²From sustainable cultivation. May contain traces of egg, soy, celery and mustard.

Nutritional information:

Energy (KJ) per 100 g/ml 301 KJ
Energy (kcal) per 100 g/ml 72 kcal
Fat per 100 g/ml 4.7 g
Fat, of which saturated fatty acids per 100 g/ml 3.1 g
Carbohydrates per 100 g/ml 6.2 g
Carbohydrates, of which sugar per 100 g/ml 0.9 g
Dietary fiber per 100g/ml 0.5 g
Protein per 100 g/ml 1.1 g
Salt per 100 g/ml 0.96 g


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