About us

We, Heike and Jens Burmeister, are a German couple and have lived in the USA / Florida for 8 years.
We ran an online shop there very successfully and sold American branded goods worldwide.

Indeed we also missed a lot from Germany, such as Maggi Fix products, German chocolate, baked goods and much more.
These items were then regularly sent to us in small packages by our family in Germany.

In 2018 we had to unfortunately back to Germany for health and family reasons and it took us some time to rearrange and rebuild our lives.

But what could be more obvious than what we had successfully implemented professionally in the USA , also to do here in Germany and that's how brands-of-germany.com came about.

Now we sell and ship German branded items, which are certainly also missed by many other people in other countries, worldwide.

This online shop is constantly being expanded and we add new products almost every day so that you don't miss anything. Just subscribe to our newsletter where we regularly announce all the new products and also check our blog regularly, where we, among other things, also German will post recipes.

If you still miss something that you can't find here, then feel free to contact us at any time, we're happy to be there for you!

We speak German and English