Karneval & Fasching


Whether carnival, carnival, carnival, fasnet, carnival, fast evening, fastelovend or fasteleer: the fifth season has many names, but the colorful festivities always have one thing in common: happiness. When it's "Alaaf", "Helau" again, "KAMELLEEE" comes into play for young and old

We have set up this category for carnival parades, fancy company celebrations and private parties, in which, in addition to classic throwing material, there are also real classics as individually packaged minis.



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Ferrero Hanuta Haselnuss-Schnitten Minis 200g
HanutaFerrero Hanuta Hazelnut Slices Minis 200g
Sale priceDhs. 19.97 AED
Dhs. 99.85 /kg
1 review
Storck nimm2 Fruchtbonbons Rote Früchte 429g / 15.13 oz
Ferrero Kinder Schoko Bons 300g
KinderFerrero Children's Chocolate Bons 300g
Sale priceDhs. 28.00 AED
Dhs. 93.33 /kg
No reviews
Storck nimm2 Fruchtbonbons 429g / 15.13 oz
nimm2Storck nimm2 fruit candy 429g / 15.13 oz
Sale priceDhs. 15.95 AED
Dhs. 37.18 /kg
5 reviews
Ferrero Kinder Happy Hippo Haselnuss 5 Stück
KinderFerrero Kinder Happy Hippo Hazelnut 5 pieces
Sale priceDhs. 15.95 AED
Dhs. 118.15 /kg
2 reviews
Balisto Joghurt-Beeren Vollkornkeks Riegel mit Milchschokolade 9 Stück
Ahoj-Brause Brause Pulver 58g
Ahoj-BrauseAhoj sherbet powder 58g
Sale priceDhs. 7.92 AED
Dhs. 136.55 /kg
No reviews
Böhme Fruchtkaramellen Fruchtige Kaubonbons 250g
Storck Campino Früchte Fruchtbonbons 325g
StorckStorck Campino fruits fruit candies 325g
Sale priceDhs. 15.95 AED
Dhs. 49.08 /kg
2 reviews
Sallos Lakritz Bonbons Das Original 150g / 5.29 oz
Ferrero Duplo Pralinen 10 Stück 182g
Ferrero Duplo Chocnut 5 Stück
Trolli Fruchtgummi Glotzer 4 Stück 75g Trolli Fruchtgummi Glotzer 4 Stück 75g
TrolliTrolli fruit gum glotzer 4 pieces 75g
Sale priceDhs. 11.93 AED
Dhs. 159.07 /kg
1 review
Ahoj-Brause Brause Bonbon Stangen 69g
Ahoj-BrauseAhoj fizzy candy sticks 69g
Sale priceDhs. 10.33 AED
Dhs. 149.71 /kg
No reviews
Balisto Müsli-Rosinen Vollkornkeks Riegel mit Milchschokolade 9 Stück
Sold out
Storck Vollmilch Brocken Karamell Bonbons 325g
Milky Way Minis Schokoladenriegel mit Candy-Creme 275g
MAOAM MaoMix Kaubonbon Mischung 250g
MAOAMMAOAM MaoMix chewy candy mix 250g
Sale priceDhs. 17.56 AED
Dhs. 70.24 /kg
No reviews
Pico Sahne Muh-Muhs Bonbons 215g
Pico Food GmbHPico cream moo moo sweets 215g
Sale priceDhs. 17.16 AED
Dhs. 68.64 /kg
No reviews
Storck Mayfair Toffee Bonbon Mischung 490g
StorckStorck Mayfair toffee candy mix 490g
Sale priceDhs. 15.95 AED
Dhs. 32.55 /kg
No reviews
Storck Ice fresh erfrischende Eis-Bonbons 425g
StorckStorck Ice fresh refreshing ice candy 425g
Sale priceDhs. 15.95 AED
Dhs. 37.53 /kg
1 review
Ahoj-Brause Brause Bonbons Original 150g
Storck Werthers Original Soft Eclair Salted Caramel Sahnetoffees 180g
Storck Mint Chocs Pfefferminz Schokoladencreme Bonbons 425g